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Johnson could calculate exactly how much of an advantage he would gain with each small adjustment in the rules of play.
But because he is so far in front of us, we have modified his discounts.
He wasnt interested in the high-end perks; he was interested in maximizing his odds of winning.
Inside the casinos, this heightened the natural tension between the marketers, who are always pushing to sweeten the discounts, and the gaming managers, who want to maximize the houses statistical edge.And I looked around, and I said, Are you going to do a fill?Play blackjack while in line at the bank, slots at a soccer game or keno at the car wash.So when Johnson got far enough ahead in his winning sprees, he reasoned that he might as well keep playing.That doesnt mean you cant win playing by the standard house rules; people do win on occasion.Johnson was in charge of day-to-day operations, including the betting operation.About a decade ago, he founded a business that does computer-assisted wagering on horses.(He was the only Atlantic City casino executive who agreed to talk to me about Johnson.) When someone makes all the right decisions, the house advantage is relatively small; maybe we will win, on average, one or two hands more than him for every hundred.For most people, though, the newspaper headline told a happy story.When the dealer turned over the houses down card, it was a 10, busting him.Tony Rodio, who succeeded Giannantonio as the Trops CEO, says, He plays perfect cards.Id never heard of anything like it in the world, not twin vinne spilleautomat app even for a player like the late Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer, who came in with a 20 million bank and was worth billions and billions.The signs of a five-year slump are evident all over Atlantic City, in rundown façades, empty parking lots, and the faded glitz of its casinos garish interiors.For example, at the Trop, he was willing to play with a 20 percent discount after his losses hit 500,000, but only if the casino structured the rules of the game to shave away some of the house advantage.For one thing, he is an extraordinarily skilled blackjack player.Thats what enabled him to systematically beat them, one by one.In most states (but not New Jersey known practitioners are banned.He is a veteran player.