spille spill norsk cd

Bestselgere: Korps, kjøpsinformasjon, hvordan handle?
What does he think he's playing at (doing)?
Oklahoma' is playing at the local theatre.
(of a play etc ) to be performed.She's playing Lady Macbeth; The company is playing in London this week.He plays football; He is playing in goal; Here's a pack of cards who wants to play (with me)?; I'm playing golf with him this evening.Hrát na udnytte sich berufen auf spila á fare appello a istismar etmek kendi çkar için kullanmak play (plei) verb.Because of the rain the referee decided the ground was not playable.The firemen played their hoses over the burning house.Used when gratis 5 hjuls spilleautomater med bonus spinn asking angrily what someone is doing.(of light) to pass with a flickering movement.He played the seven of hearts.To (be able to) perform on (a musical instrument).He played a trick.To act in a play etc ; to act (a character).The storm played havoc with the farmer's crops.The children are playing up today.He is a famous playwright.The job allowed him to bring all his talents into play.She plays the piano; Who was playing the piano this morning?; He plays (the oboe) in an orchestra.The children were playing at cowboys and Indians.
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