borderlands 2 spilleautomat prisliste

Exe file for safety reasons!
(Legendary isnt possible since it also gives you a pearlecent, and thats a bit online casino gratis spielen zonder stortinget too much) Replaced the gratis casino slot spill for moro, usa Kiss of Death with the Fibber from Hyperious loot pool.
All input commands below need to be done without the, just use the content between the tags.Slowed down the fire rate of Bolt Action sniper rifles to balance them in normal mode and tvhm (It isnt much) Made The Ogre the other vladof barrel, and gave it 10 damage buff.(I.E Gaiges COMs not showing the proper skills).Went from 80 to 40 casino pa nett aruba Made the love thumper not do friendly damage.Removed thoughtlocks increases cooldown by 3 seconds text from card.Doubled Homing Grenades projectile speed.Duty calls: Replaced fire rate with additive critical hit damage, changed gun damage to 10 per point Ranger: Now its 2 per point.Made The Flakker have 2 extra pellets.Replace the C0 with FF, find the text string : say (edit find set to text string, also use the options; unicode string match case).Kill confirmeds value has been reverted (its still instant however).Slag Experimentation Notes, notes 2: Head into the area that, bloodwing was held.Reduced the uvhm DoT Buff to 150 and removed the OP level 20 Swap speed buff.(Scale value and base value).Specialist COM boosts Onslaught properly now.Increased the chance of OOO spawning (From 1 to 5).Plus a little tiny bit of fire rate.Overload: 5 Per level but it affects all gun types.Indirectly Buffed The chopper.(Any E-Tech) Made The Ancient Dragon of Destructions quest give you proper rewards.Neogenators healing has been tripled.Type in: exec patch.